Monday, February 22, 2010

Madison Feb 2010

Greta news, Katie is on the road to recovery. The MRI looked awesome. Her tonsells are no longer rough looking jagged, there is no fluid surrounding them. The tonsells are now somooth and rounded.  They look great. I just have to have patience, which i know I haave to find some. She is doing very well, i just do not like to see her in pain. No mother does like to see their kids in pain, the doctor did remind me the it does take a whole yaer to recove form this type of surgery. We wont know what kind of perminant damage she will have from the first surgery until after the year is over. It is nice to see my little girl is coming back and blossoming but is going to take time to get her all the way back. Dr said patience mama patience. I know, I know. LOL