Friday, April 2, 2010

Eye Surgery

Katie will have to under go eye surgery eventually. We are going to wait until she recover fully from this last surgery. Her left eye is still giving her problems. It has now ceveloped a "lazy eye". Doc said that with all the pressure she was under until that latest surgery she had the nystagmus put her muscles out of wack. He will have to go in at some poin t and fit them so her eye will not turn in and up when she look at you from the side. It is not affecting her vision at this point, which is very good, but I do not want to wait to do that surgery until it does. Aaron on the other hand does want to wait. sowe will have to iron that out. I figure we could wait until next summer to do it. It will giver her enough time to recover from the other surgery and get her first year of school in, PreK. Kids can be cruel if  you have something different about you and they dont understand. What do you guys think, should I wait until it affects her vision? Should I go ahead and do it in the summer so she can continue to try to have a somewhat normal life with Chiari?