Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Katie's diagnosis

I am writing to let you all know that Katie needs to have brain surgery. They have to redo the decompression surgery she had done last year. The MRI scan showed that her brain again was under a lot of pressure, and that the fourth ventricle was probably blocked again because there is no CSF flow between the brain and the spinal column. Her brain is under a lot of pressure which is making her left side act up again and causing her left eye to have the nystagmus bag and causing a new symptom, lazy eye. She has marked weakness on the left side of her body and she is in a lot of pain. She still has those darn headaches and she also has started drooling. I hope this will be the end of her surgeries. We have the best Doctor for her now as far as I am concerned. Dr. Iskandar is a godsend. He has been there for us when we have needed him and has listened to us. He has taken all of our concenerns into consiteration and has not blowen us off. This has been the first time we as parents have been given the opportunity to talk on outr daughters behalf. I would recommed him to anyone who has a child with ACM.
So Please Keep Us in you thoughts and prayers and I will keep you updated with my thoughts and Katies progress.

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  1. Sorry to hear Katie has to go through another surgery but it sounds like the best course of action. That darn fourth ventricle is a trouble maker! Mine had no flow at all prior to my decompression ~ praying for a speedy recovery for katie and lots of patience and strength for you. When is her surgery date? hugs ~ Lace